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6 Jul 2015

Community College of Philadelphia

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Community College of Philadelphia

About Community College of Philadelphia 

Junior college of Philadelphia gives a moderate instruction that sets you up for exchange to a four-year school or college and for your future vocation. Moderate educational cost and open doors for money related help make it simple for you to seek after your objectives. With a scope of understudy bolster administrations, grounds life exercises and intercollegiate games, the College gives a fabulous, balanced school encounter that will assist you with accomplishing your instructive objectives. 

Why International Students Choose Us 

Financially savvy, Quality Education 

The Community College of Philadelphia offers a reasonable instruction that will set you up for a vocation or for an exchange to a four-year school or college. It is normal for universal understudies to acquire a partner's degree before exchanging to a four-year school, which permits them an opportunity to get used to school life, procure transferable credits and spare cash. 

Little Class Sizes 

The normal class size at Community College of Philadelphia is 22 individuals, significance more individualized direction from personnel. Our teachers and speakers really think about you and expect a dynamic part in helping you to build up your qualities and objectives.

Little Class Sizes

The normal class size at Community College of Philadelphia is 22 individuals, importance more individualized direction from staff. Our educators and instructors really think about you and expect a dynamic part in helping you to add to your qualities and objectives.

Individualized Attention 

Each understudy is a unique piece of the College group. We intend to assist you with seeing how to effectively discover your way around grounds and how to enlist for classes. The College's Main Campus is advantageously available by means of open transportation and sensible regarding size and strolling separations. Our proficient and experienced staff will assist your with transitioning to the United States, Philadelphia and the College be an effective one. 

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program 

Numerous universal understudies think that its helpful to take English classes to upgrade their school experience. In the wake of taking situation tests and assessing the outcomes with a universal understudy advocate, we help pick the project and classes that best fit your English dialect needs. The College's ESL project will help to improve your English abilities and engage you to get the most out of your involvement in the United State. 

Perfect Location 

Our Main Campus is effectively available via train, transport or auto and is arranged close to the heart of Philadelphia and the city's Museum region. The College additionally has three Regional Centers in Northwest, Northeast and West Philadelphia, alongside a few neighborhood destinations to stay available to the majority of our understudies. 

As one of the biggest urban areas in the U.S., Philadelphia has bounty to offer. The city, situated between Washington D.C. what's more, New York City is both verifiably huge and socially novel. Both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were penned in Philadelphia. Other than its rich exhibit of social exercises, Philadelphia likewise offers world-class eating, a remarkable theater and expressions area, and a lively social scene. Whether you are keen on investigating the past, encountering the outside or going to an expert donning occasion, Philadelphia has bounty to offer!


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