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13 Nov 2015

Management, BBA - Keiser University

This project is accessible in the accompanying grounds: 

You may have heard the expression, "get along in the sandbox."Well, it's in that very sandbox that the absolute most vital business abilities are initially created, such as working in gatherings, sharing, managing strife, and not tossing stones (or sand). It's the place a few of us found we were destined to decide that sandbox—that we were bound to be pioneers. 

Regardless of where your profession way takes you, it's certain to include working with others. Your viability will rely on upon your insight into the business you work in, commitment to the organization you work for, and your capacity to work autonomously or with a group to complete things. So now the extent of your sandbox has developed, however the standards haven't changed. 

At Keiser, we take the practitioners, the regular conceived pioneers, and shape them into chiefs of tomorrow's business world. Consider Keiser a play area for future experts. While we don't have slides and swing sets, we will outfit you with the expertise sets to offer you some assistance with sliding right into numerous compensating openings for work! 

A Degree that Works 

This major is not industry-particular; along these lines, you can seek after any industry of your decision. The accompanying is a fractional rundown of where you will discover some of our graduates utilized. 

  • Bayer Healthcare, LLC 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Association 
  • BMW, Braman Motorcars 
  • English Petroleum PLC (BP) 
  • Century 21 Signature Realty 
  • Cartus Consulting Services Group 
  • Champion Laboratories, Inc. 
  • Con Soleil Business Services, LLC 
  • Plan Financial, Inc. 
  • FLIR Commercial Systems BV, Inc. 
  • Portage and Mazda of Orange 
  • Hyundai Capital America, Inc. 
  • Innewways 
  • LQ Management, LLC 
  • Otis Elevator Company 
  • Purple Turtle Jewelry 
  • Raytheon Company: Missile Systems 
  • United States Postal Service 
  • U.S. Remote Commercial Services 
  • U.S. Military 
  • Divider Brunning Associates, Inc. 
  • Compose Books

Location: United States


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