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23 Nov 2015

Art History Ph.D. - University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN)

Craftsmanship History 
School of Liberal Arts 
Connection to a rundown of workforce for this project. 
Contact Information 
Division of Art History, 338 Heller Hall, 271 nineteenth Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455 (612-624-4500; fax: 612-626-8679) 

System Type: Doctorate 
Necessities for this project are present for Spring 2016 
Length of system in credits: 54 
This system does not require summer semesters for auspicious culmination. 

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy 

Alongside the system particular prerequisites recorded underneath, please read the General Information segment of this site for necessities that apply to every real field. 

Note: The craftsmanship history system does not concede understudies straightforwardly to the Ph.D. All craftsmanship history graduate understudies start in the M.A. program and are relied upon to proceed toward the Ph.D. Regions of specialization in the craftsmanship history project include: American workmanship and material society; early advanced and Baroque workmanship; workmanship and paleontology of old Iran, Hellenistic Asia, and the late Roman realm; present day and contemporary workmanship and hypothesis, including film and photography contemplates and also nineteenth through 21st century workmanship; pre-Columbian and pioneer specialty of the Americas, South Asian craftsmanship and structural engineering, East Asian workmanship and archaic exploration. The PhD is the second phase of the connected MA/PhD graduate system in Art History. All understudies, whether they have an expert's from a past organization or not, matter to and pick up affirmation through the expert's project. 

Program Delivery 
  • This system is accessible: 
  • through classroom (the larger part of guideline is eye to eye)
Location: United States


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