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16 Nov 2015

Computer Science - Felician College


Significant or Minor in Computer Science 

Understudies can major in Computer Science and get the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Understudies can major in some other control at the University and minor in Computer Science. 

Co-Major in Computer Science 

Understudies in the Teacher Education project can choose Computer Science as their Arts and Sciences co-major. 

Twofold Major 

Understudies majoring in Computer Science have the choice to seek after a twofold noteworthy with any order at the University. (Samples: Major in both Nursing and Computer Science, major in both Criminal Justice and Computer Science, or major in both Computer Science and Cybersecurity). 

Purposes of Interest 

Understudies majoring in Computer Science have the one of a kind affair of taking an interest in various exceptionally dynamic exercises that reinforce their comprehension of the subject. These exercises include: 

Leading ventures in the upper-level courses that permit understudies to orchestrate what they have realized by really planning a little scale PC arrangement of their own and taking part in programming building. 

Chances to take part in genuine examination including software engineering. 

Chances to enlist in claim to fame courses that are offered intermittently, for example, Principles of Robotics, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Data Mining, Gaming, or Cloud Computing. 

Chances to go to and/or take part in broadly perceived understudy meetings and understudy rivalries in software engineering. 

Field encounters including visits to areas or operations of hobby. 

Club exercises that are understudy coordinated.

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Location: United States

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