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23 Nov 2015

Chemical Physics M.S. - University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN)

School of Science and Engineering 
Connection to a rundown of workforce for this project. 
Contact Information 
Substance Physics Program, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota, 137 Smith Hall, 207 Pleasant Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455 (612-626-7444; fax: 612-626-7541) 
  • System Type: Master's 
  • Necessities for this project are present for Spring 2016 
  • Length of system in credits: 30 
  • This system requires summer semesters for convenient finishing. 
  • Degree: Master of Science 

Alongside the system particular necessities recorded beneath, please read the General Information area of this site for prerequisites that apply to every single real field. 

Compound material science concentrates on zones where the methods of science and physical science are united for the investigation of iotas and particles; their associations in gasses, fluids, and solids; and the nitty gritty structure and elements of material changes. Ranges of examination and specialization incorporate spectroscopy, optical properties, laser applications, sub-atomic impacts, substance flow, quantum mechanics, computational science, measurable mechanics, thermodynamics, low-temperature conduct, polymers and macromolecules, surface science, natural chemistry, and biochemical and heterogeneous catalysis.

Location: United States


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