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28 Nov 2015

Chemistry - Duke University in United State

Course Requirements 

The course prerequisites for the different degrees, fixations, degree tracts, the portrayals of all science courses, and worksheets for the different sorts of science majors are accessible from the present Handbook for Majors. 

Course Scheduling 

The recommended planning of center courses for AB majors and BS majors is accessible in the Handbook for Majors and Potential Majors. Planning of cutting edge courses is muddled by required essentials, as well as by course accessibility. For science majors the most troublesome planning is that for physical science (P-Chem). 

Course Descriptions 

For science course depictions, see the Handbook for Majors. 


Math Introductory material science courses and Chem 301 have a math essential of Math 112L. Math 122L is prescribed, however not required, for Chemistry 301. Science 310 has a required essential of Math 122L. 

Material science Physics 141L and 142L, or 151L and 152L, or 161L and 162L. Majors are unequivocally urged to satisfy this material science essential before taking a physical science course. For those majors who began at natural science as first-year understudies, we prescribe you finish material science amid your sophomore year and deferral physical science until the lesser year. The sophomore year is additionally a decent time to seek after any required science courses and perhaps even Biochemistry 301, however you must have authorization from the course educator for the recent to enlist. Material science exchange courses Course(s) exchanged as Physics 100 may be substituted for required material science courses: Physics 141L, 142L, 151L, 152L, or 161L, 162L, in either the A.B. on the other hand the B.S. science major, gave the material science course(s) are (1) analytics based, (2) taken at a foundation that is authorize by the American Chemical Society, and (3) are the courses which are required for an ACS-ensured degree at that organization. Those majors why should not able complete the material science and/or math essential may ask for consent to take physical science straightforwardly from the physical science course teacher.

Location: United States


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