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28 Nov 2015

Electrical and Computer Engineering - Duke University in United State

Our undergrad educational modules is intended for the understudy who wishes to seek after a wide scope of musical hobbies inside of the connection of a human sciences instruction. Accentuation is given to an assortment of musical orders, including sythesis, hypothesis, execution, ethnomusicology, and musicology (music history). The music major is planned not just to set you up for graduate work in music grant, execution, or organization, additionally to offer a strong establishment in a standout amongst the most antiquated and all inclusive of the aesthetic sciences. Note the timetable for certain required courses. 

Necessities – 10 Courses 

Notwithstanding the general necessities of the University as sketched out in the Bulletin of Undergraduate Instruction, an understudy wishing to graduate as a music major with an A.B. (Four year education in liberal arts) degree must finish the accompanying courses in the Department of Music: 

The music major requires 10 full course credits, no less than 8 of which must be at the 100-level or above (barring MUSIC 115S, 116S, 117, 120, 126, 140, 161, 161-1, 171, 172, 176, 190S, and 190FS), or more study in connected music (see underneath.) 


MUSIC 261: Theory and Practice of Tonal Music I 

NOTE: MUSIC 161 may be taken first as a medicinal course for understudies with lacking foundation, yet it doesn't check toward the major. 

Course Requirements 

MUSIC 361: Theory and Practice of Tonal Music II 
MUSIC 461: Theory and Practice of Tonal Music III 
MUSIC 255S: Music History I Medieval and Renaissance (finishing before 1600) 
MUSIC 256S: Music History II (1600-Mozart) 
MUSIC 257: Music History III (Beethoven through WWI) 
MUSIC 258: Music History IV (Post-WWI through the presen

Location: United States


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