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28 Nov 2015

Dance - Duke University in United State

The Duke Dance Program educational modules is intended to empower the investigation of move from interdisciplinary points of view: authentic, social, stylish, abstract, mechanical, musical, logical and imaginative. Understudies can tweak their undergrad move educational programs by picking one of the three study focuses. 

Four year certification in liberal arts in Dance Requirements: 

  • 10 scholastic course credits 
  • 4 half-credit strategy and execution credits 
  • 20 hours of team and creation support 

Download: Dance Major Worksheet 

Scholastic Course Credits: 10 Course Credits 

DANCE101 Introduction to Dance or DANCE165 Let's Dance! Live Art and Performance (1 credit) 
DANCE105S Dance Composition (1 credit) 
DANCE375 Music for Dancers (1 credit) 
DANCE487S Research Methods in Dance (1 credit) 
DANCE489T or 488T Senior Project (1 credit) 

Two course credits in move at the 200 level or above (2 credits). See Courses. 

One credit (one course) in move history, hypothesis or world societies of move, chose from the accompanying: 

DANCE306S Dance for the Camera (1 credit) 
DANCE308 Performance and Technology: Composition Workshop (1 credit) 
DANCE315S History of Modern Dance, 1890-1950 (1 credit) 
DANCE316S Postmodernism in Dance (1 credit) 
DANCE326S The Diaghilev Ballet, 1909-1929 (1 credit) 
DANCE335L West African Rootholds in Dance (1 credit) 
DANCE355 History and Practice of Dance and Theater of India (1 credit) 
DANCE356 Dance and Dance Theater of Asia (1 credit) 
DANCE365L The Art and Cultural History of Flamenco (1 credit) 
DANCE367 Dance and Religion in Asia and Africa (1 credit) 
DANCE368 Gender Performance in Dance and Dance Theater (1 credit) 
DANCE378S Beyond Technique: The Art of Performance (1 credit)

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Location: United States


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