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25 Nov 2015

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental Management - University of Florida (Gainesville, F)

Why an Environmental Management Degree? 

This online natural administration degree gives understudies a strong establishing in the ranges of hydrology, soil science, bother administration, water assets, and agrarian biology so graduates can discover occupations with rural makers, counseling organizations and government offices included in keeping up a manageable situation. 

Understudies can anticipate professions in different fields in the farming, ecological and normal sciences parts, for example, economical nourishment and fiber generation, natural approach and investigation, water assets, vitality assets, soil protection, stewardship of regular assets, contamination administration and universal improvement. 

Notwithstanding finishing all college, school and general degree prerequisites, understudies selected in the Environmental Management system will have the chance to take various center courses, including Natural Resource Policy and Economics, Environmental Nutrient Management and Environmental Biogeochemistry alongside a few endorsed electives, for example, Economics, The World of Water and Environmental Monitoring Techniques.

Location: United States

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