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23 Nov 2015

Design M.A. - University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN)

Outline, Housing and Apparel 
School of Design 
Connection to a rundown of workforce for this system. 
Contact Information 
Executive of Graduate Studies, Design Graduate Program, 240 McNeal Hall, 1985 Buford Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108 (612-626-1219) 
  • Project Type: Master's 
  • Prerequisites for this system are present for Spring 2016 
  • Length of project in credits: 34 
  • This project does not require summer semesters for convenient finishing. 
  • Degree: Master of Arts 

Alongside the system particular necessities recorded beneath, please read the General Information area of this site for prerequisites that apply to every single significant field. 

The outline graduate project concentrates on the investigation of connections in the middle of people and their composed surroundings. This attention depends on the supposition that plan and investigation of situations adds to the change of the human condition. The project addresses hypothesis, examination, and application, utilizing a mutual disciplinary base from human expressions and social and behavioral sciences. The objective of the project is for understudies to investigate, assess, and coordinate hypothetical structures identified with people and their composed surroundings. 

Applications submitted to the outline graduate project determine a track and degree objective. Formal tracks are: 

- Apparel studies (counting dress, history, and society; item improvement; and retail             promoting and purchaser examines) 
- Graphic configuration (counting intelligent outline) 
- Housing studies 
- Interior outline (counting confirmation based configuration) just

Location: United States


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