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7 Jul 2015

SIT Graduate Institute

About SIT Graduate Institute

Graduate degree and Certificate Programs in a Variety of Content Areas and Formats 

SIT Graduate Institute gets ready understudies from over the globe to be successful pioneers, experts, and subjects. SIT's graduate and expert improvement projects are established in the experiential training model, where learning happens at the nexus of hypothesis and practice. Understudies are prepared to wind up exceedingly talented specialists who have a summoning information of the hypothetical premise of their calling; background in the field; and an attention to their own particular capacities, qualities, and morals. 

Understudies can browse different graduate degrees, authentication projects, and expert improvement programs in fields extending from universal training to practical advancement to struggle change to dialect educating. Keeping in mind the end goal to suit differing proficient and individual destinations, projects of shifting length of time and arrangement are offered on SIT's noteworthy 200-section of land grounds in Vermont; at the SIT Graduate Institute Washington, DC Center; online; and at abroad field locales. In every system territory, understudies look at contemporary social, monetary, and political issues, with specific thoughtfulness regarding the human and moral measurements of these issues.
Location: United States


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