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6 Dec 2015

Physics - Concord University

Material science and Astronomy 

Accord offers a material science minor that can be consolidated with any major. The minor will assist you with broadening your insight base concerning material science, including expanding your critical thinking abilities and finding out about advances in ebb and flow research. 

Why Get a Physics Minor? 

Since material science is central to all sciences. Present day prescription is based upon advances in atomic and molecule material science – Think X-beams, malignancy medicines including molecule pillar lines and radiation treatment, nanoscience drug conveyance, and pretty much every therapeutic gadget you can discover in a healing facility from the conventional to the great. Biophysics is a subfield of science, geophysics is a subfield of geography, and physical science is established in quantum mechanics and advanced material science. A minor in material science can propel your profession and expand your bent as a researche.

Location: United States


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