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1 Jan 2016

Test Prep ROI: SAT/ACT Scores and Merit Scholarships - Psychology Study in Abroad - Claremont McKenna College

As more universities go test discretionary, you may thinking about whether you have to sit for the SAT or ACT by any means. Schools that are test discretionary don't require state administered test scores as a feature of a complete application. That allows you to choose for yourself if your scores precisely mirror your capacities and potential to exceed expectations in school. 

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Be that as it may, regardless of the possibility that each school on your school rundown is test discretionary, it's still a keen thought to take—and prepare for!— no less than one government sanctioned test. For one, "discretionary" doesn't imply that that schools won' t consider your test scores on the off chance that you submit them. Without them, more prominent weight is given to different parts of your application, for example, your transcript, paper, extracurriculars, and letters of proposal. In case you're content with your scores, simply ahead and incorporate with them your application. 

Past getting in, your test scores could qualify you for school merit grants (frequently a different application process). Higher test scores can prompt more grant dollars, which mean more alternatives for you.

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