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8 Oct 2015

Biology - Northwest Missouri State University



Science is the investigation of all life shapes. Northwest personnel concentrate on get ready understudies for vocations in all ranges including natural science, cell science, biology, ecological science, atomic science, microbiology and zoology. Endless supply of center courses, understudies pick a zone in which to practice taking into account intrigues. 

The far reaching significant in science accentuating all in all science is the most adaptable track as it gives understudies the chance to take courses in zoology, organic science, nature, physiology, microbiology, sub-atomic and cell science and ecological science to adjust their interestsseek admission to doctoral level college. 

The complete real in science with a general science track does not require a minor. 

Minor in Biology 
A minor in science shows understudies the standards of science, general science, general herbal science, general zoology and hereditary qualities. This minor requires the fulfillment of 24 credit hours. 


*More than 98 percent of understudies who graduate with a degree in science get occupation or proceed with their instruction inside of six months after graduation. Employments identified with this major include: 

  • School Instructor 
  • Preservation Agent 
  • Field Environmentalist 
  • Research facility Technologist 
  • Horticulturist 
  • Research Technician 
  • Quality Control 
  • State Biologist 
  • Government Biologist 
  • Natural life Biologist 

*Based on self-reported information.

Location: United States


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