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6 Oct 2015

Mathematics - Eastern Mennonite University


Mathematics is the dialect of critical thinking. It is at the heart of all science and innovation (connected arithmetic) yet it is likewise a lovely rationale the majority of its own (immaculate arithmetic). 
  • Do I discover taking care of a math issue testing and compensating? 
  • Am I ready to succeed in math courses without a lot of a battle? 

At that point a noteworthy or minor in arithmetic may be a good fit for you. 

Arithmetic is the regular topic among the top's majority paying professions. 

The accompanying 48 SH system of courses is required: 
  • MATH 170 Discrete Mathematics (4) 
  • MATH 185 Calculus I (4) 
  • MATH 195 Calculus II (4) 
  • MATH 240 Statistics for the Natural Sciences (3) 
  • MATH 285 Calculus III (4) 
  • MATH 350 Linear Algebra (3) 
  • MATH 450 Introduction to Analysis OR 
  • MATH 460 Abstract Algebra (3) 
  • PHYS 251 University Physics I (4) 
  • CS courses (6) 

Pick four of the accompanying extra courses: 

  • MATH 333 Topics in Math (3) 
  • MATH 310 Differential Equations (3) 
  • MATH 360 Geometry (3) 
  • MATH 420 History of Math (3) 
  • MATH 450 Introduction to Analysis (3) 
  • MATH 460 Abstract Algebra (3) 
  • MATH 470 Mathematical Probability (3) 

Arithmetic or Computer Science Education 

Showing permit for evaluations 6-12 

Winning your licensure for showing evaluations 6-12 in either arithmetic or software engineering incorporates departmental necessities and the expert training grouping. An understudy wishing to plan for showing any subject at the optional level will counsel with the organizer for auxiliary instruction in the training division and with the office consultant speaking to the real range.

Location: United States


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