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17 Aug 2015

Clemson University (Clemson, SC) - Architecture and Landscape Architecture: Designing the Built Environment

Architecture and Landscape Architecture: Designing the Built Environment
This course is offered to rising 10th — 12th graders.
Do you like to draw, fabricate things with your hands, or envision how to enhance your general surroundings? Provided that this is true, you're ideal for a profession in configuration. This Summer Scholars course consolidates the abilities of Clemson's Architecture and Landscape Architecture offices to assist you with figuring out how to outline the manufactured environment. These two outline orders, and broadly perceived Clemson majors, are discriminating for enhancing how we live today, and guaranteeing that the urban areas, towns, and common habitats of tomorrow are solid and reasonable. As an extra, understudies will have the chance to study in Lee Hall, another vitality productive building and one of the best-outlined college structures on the planet as per Architectural Digest. We trust you will come impart your innovativeness and investigate configuration to us! 

The subject of Designing the Built Environment is "ways." Paths are all around, including an incomprehensible, frequently shrouded system of interconnected entries in the characteristic and manufactured situations. Ways go up against us life's excursions – telling stories and uncovering qualities. Numerous ways are unmistakable and simple to see, for example, roads or trails. Then again, not all ways are so solid, some are figurative and experiential, for example, our vocation way. Along these lines, the way turns into the gateway for investigating the solid and dynamic universes around u
Location: United States


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