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15 Aug 2015

University of Wyoming-Casper College - Continuing Education


Proceeding with Education 

Proceeding with Education is the effort branch of the school. Preparing and learning open doors for business and industry and the group are offered through six divisions: Adult Learning Center, Camps, Center for Training and Development, Community Education, Conferences, and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. 

Grown-up Learning Center 

The Adult Learning Center at Casper College system gives grown-ups a chance to enhance their essential perusing, written work, and number-crunching aptitudes. Little gathering and individual guideline are accessible amid the day and night hours at no expense to members. ESL classes for non-local speakers of English are accessible, and additionally classes for those looking for U.S. citizenship. 

Pretesting and study projects are accessible for grown-ups get ready for General Educational Development (GED) secondary school equivalency exams. Casper College is a GED testing focus and game plans for GED testing can be made with a testing master. 


For more than a quarter century Casper College has been putting forth the Knowledge Enrichment for Youth (KEY) program every mid year. KEY is an one-week private project for youth who will be entering the 6th or seventh grade in the fall with unique capacities and abilities (scholastic, scholarly, innovative, visual, or performing expressions). Three, week-long sessions are offered every year. Every week, 128 young people from around Wyoming and bordering states go to KEY camp. 

KEY offers extraordinary encounters for youth in the ranges of science, PCs, visual and performing expressions, and history. Amazing educators show and direct uncommon undertakings in these ranges and uniquely chose advocates give supervision and exercises amid non-class times. 

Community for Training and Development 

The Center for Training and Development gives altered preparing, proficient improvement, Continuing Education units (CEU), foundations, workshops, and gatherings. Projects are conveyed at once and area that addresses the contracting's issues association. Given are proficient coaches, in the nick of time preparing, and answers for preparing issues. CTD is intended to act naturally supporting and expenses of administrations are arranged on an individual contract premise with customers. Administrations and projects are accessible to organizations and industry, non-benefits, and legislative associations of all sizes.

Location: United States


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