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13 Sep 2015

CHEMEKETA COMMUNITY COLLEGE - Computer Information Systems Course Descriptions

Computer Information Systems Course Descriptions

CIS060 Techniques of User Training 

Presents showing techniques, materials and instructional outline as identified with preparing PC clients. Essential: Second-year remaining in the Computer Systems and Information Technology program. Sp 

CIS101 Intro to Microcomputer Apps 

Presents the essential microcomputer equipment/programming framework. Covers the ideas of framework programming and application programming including word handling, spreadsheet, database, presentation and prologue to Internet. Suggested: Touch keyboarding capacity and position into RD090 or higher; or assent of teacher. F, W, Sp, Su 

CIS101CE CIS101 Challenge Exam 

PC Information Science 

CIS102A Cyber Security and Safety 

Gives essential information of the security, political and social issues, and human components concerning the utilization of current PC advances. Covers how individuals are influenced by PC security breaks and innovation abuse. Talks about electronic voting, Radio Frequency Identification labels, area based following innovations, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Investigates PC security adventures, for example, cushion flood, Denial of Service, caricaturing, infections, Trojan Horses, phishing and pharming tricks, and interruption location. Incorporates how to shield yourself from noxious PC exercises. Essential: CIS101 or CIS120, either with an evaluation of C or better; or comparable learning as dictated by educator; or assent of teacher. W, Sp 

CIS120 Digital Literacy 

Presents wording and diagram of the chronicled improvement of PC and data science. Concentrates on the essential ideas of PC equipment and programming frameworks, the art of data representation, and the principal components of system configuration and scripting language. Incorporates ideas fortified in a research center environment. Essential: Placement into MTH095 or higher, and RD115 or higher; or MTH070 or higher with an evaluation of C or better; or assent of educator. F, W, Sp 

CIS120A CIS Pathway 

Opens understudies to a wide range of vocation opportunities in PC data sciences and PC innovation, and helps with arranging a scholastic pathway at Chemeketa Community College. F, W

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