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14 Sep 2015

Concord University - Political Science (BA)

Political Science (BA)
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The level of Bachelor of Arts, with a noteworthy in political science, requires effective consummation of 120 semester hours, including (1) the Program of General Studies, which must incorporate six hours of one outside dialect; (2) the political science project recorded beneath including fruitful culmination of an exhaustive exam (some piece of the required capstone course, POSC 450); and (3) a system of electives OR a minor as worked out with the understudy's counselor. 

Political Science 

Courses in Political Science are intended to fortify in understudies a more prominent mindfulness and comprehension of political establishments, procedures, connections, and their hidden standards. One objective of these courses is to create the essential intrigue and talented community interest that are so vital to the support of a simply, capable and popularity based society. Moreover, the system is intended to get ready understudies for graduate study and graduate school. 

Understudies looking for the Bachelor of Arts degree may acquire a noteworthy or a minor in political science. Note the required evaluation normal in the Division of Social Sciences. 

Political Science Major Requirements 
33 Hours 

  • POSC 101 Introduction to Political Science (3) 
  • POSC 104 American Federal Government (3) 
  • POSC 303 International Relations (3) or 
  • POSC 304 Comparative Government (3) 
  • POSC 450 Seminar in Political Science (3) 
  • POSC 472 Political Science Internship (3,

Location: United States


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