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12 Sep 2015

Spring Hill College (Mobile, AL) - MASTER OF THEOLOGICAL STUDIES


Investigate the profundity and expansiveness of Christian Theology in a system composed on the rule of "confidence looking for comprehension." 

Outlined essentially for grown-up understudies who are working 40 hours per week in their callings or homes, the MTS system assembles the establishment of basic devices, routines for examination and strong religious reflection and comes full circle in useful use of philosophical learning. 

The system perceives that Theology is a genuine science with its own particular criteria of examination and reflection, which in the meantime depends on confidence, the human experience with the secret of God. 


  • Provincial 
  • Little, Diverse Classes 
  • For the most part online 
  • Concentrated classroom gatherings 
  • Accessibility of teachers 


  • Normal class size: 15 
  • Inexact Male/Female Ratio: half/half 
  • Normal number of universal understudies: 3 
  • Rate who are Catholic: 70% 
  • Percent who are working experts: 90% 
  • Percent who are working 40 hours per week in service: 15% 


  • Confirmation prerequisite? 6 credits of undergrad philosophy 
  • GPA necessity? GPA of 3.0 or more/2.5-3.0 for contingent confirmation 
  • Number of staff: 6 full time personnel 
  • Will this degree fit my timetable? Online courses, 6 on location gatherings on weekends 
  • What number of credit hours are expected to finish the degree? 33 
  • To what extent does it take to finish the project? Roughly 3 years low maintenance 
  • Are there endorsement alternatives? Yes, Spiritual Direction and Theological Studies.”

Location: United States


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