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14 Sep 2015

Concord University - History (BA)

History (BA)
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Core Requirements:
The level of Bachelor of Arts with a noteworthy in history requires fruitful finishing of 120 semester hours, including (1) the Program of General Studies which must incorporate six hours of one remote dialect; (2) courses inside of the history program OR the history with a zone of accentuation in theory program as delineated underneath; and (3) a system of electives OR a minor as worked out with the understudy's counselor. 

TV Courses: The Department of History, when all is said in done, won't concede credit hours for the major or minor by instructive TV programming. Special cases may be made with departmental assent. 
History Major Requirements 

  • HIST 101 History of Civilization (3) 
  • HIST 102 History of Civilization (3) 
  • HIST 203 History of the United States (3) 
  • HIST 204 History of the United States (3) 

One of the accompanying:
Taken as a capstone postulation course, one of which will be offered amid the spring semester as the assigned capstone course. 

  • HIST 412 Slavery in the Atlantic World (3) 
  • HIST 414 American Cultures (3) 
  • HIST 415 European Social History, 1400-1900 (3) 
  • HIST 418 Modern East Asia (3) 
  • HIST 450 Seminar ever (3)
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Location: United States


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