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25 Sep 2015


Choosing a Computer Science Path

There are two ways to study Computer Science (CS) at UC Berkeley:
Be admitted to the Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS) major in the College of Engineering (COE) as a freshman. Admission to the COE, however, is extremely competitive. This option leads to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. This path is appropriate for people who want an engineering education.
There are two approaches to study Computer Science (CS) at UC Berkeley: 

Be admitted to the Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS) real in the College of Engineering (COE) as a first year recruit. Admission to the COE, on the other hand, is greatly aggressive. This choice prompts a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. This way is fitting for individuals who need a designing instruction. 

Enter the College of Letters & Science (L&S) and, after effective culmination of the courses required to announce with the base evaluation point normal (GPA), appeal to be admitted to the L&S Computer Science major. This way is proper for individuals who are occupied with a more extensive instruction in the sciences and expressions, (for example, twofold majoring in different L&S fields), and/or are not certain at the season of use that they can pick up admission to EECS. This choice prompts a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. 

There is no distinction in the CS course substance between the BS and BA programs. The distinction is in what else you take: for the most part designing, or principally humanities and sociologies. Specifically, an enthusiasm for equipment proposes the EECS highway; an enthusiasm for twofold majoring (for instance, in math or intellectual science) recommends the L&S course. 

Four year certification in scientific studies (BS) in Computer Science 

For data with respect to the BS degree, please see the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences program data in this Guide. 

Four year certification in liberal arts (BA) in Computer Science 

This CS major is for understudies enlisted in the College of Letters & Science (L&S). Berkeley stresses the art of software engineering, which implies substantially more than simply PC programming. It incorporates the hypothesis of calculation, the outline and investigation of calculations, the building design and rationale configuration of PCs, programming dialects, compilers, working frameworks, exploratory calculation, PC illustrations, databases, counterfeit consciousness, and characteristic dialect handling. We will likely get ready understudies both for a conceivable examination vocation and long haul specialized administration in industry. We should in this way look past today's innovation and give understudies the essential thoughts and the learning abilities that will set them up to show themselves about tomorrow's innovation. 

Pronouncing the Major (BA just) 

It is important to accomplish a base essential evaluation point normal (GPA) with a specific end goal to announce the Computer Science major. Data on this GPA and the procedure to appeal to for admission to the real can be found on the Petitioning to the Computer Science Major site.

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