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13 Sep 2015


Geography Course Descriptions

GEG100 Exploring Geography 

Presents the control and instruments of geology, incorporating professions in topography, what geographers concentrate, how they think, and how learning of geology is useful in any vocation field. Likewise inspects essential geographic ideas and subjects. F, W, Sp, Su 

1 Credits 

GEG105 Physical Geography 

Concentrates on the physical subsystems of the earth (climate, biosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere), with accentuation on human-environment relations. Incorporates essential guide aptitudes, scope/longitude, climate, atmosphere, biogeography, volcanism, disintegration, and desert scenes. F, W, Sp 

4 Credits 

GEG106 Cultural Geography 

Presents the social components of geology, including the investigation of human populace, movement, dialect, religion, social scenes, and geopolitics. Underscores the unequal circulation of force in the U.S. as to religion, ethnicity, and dialect. F, W, Sp; CL 

4 Credits 

GEG107 Dev/Resources/Sustainability 

Presents monetary parts of social topography around the world, including the investigation of improvement, farming, industry, administrations, settlement, urban scenes, and characteristic asset issues. Uncommon accentuation is put on the unequal dissemination of force in the U.S. with respect to occupation, salary, settlement designs, urban area utilization, and normal asset administration. W, Sp; CL 

GEG140 Map Reading & Interpretation 

Presents essential ideas in perusing, deciphering, and examining different social, social, and physical data from an assortment of maps. Themes incorporate guide projections, guide abuse, promulgation maps, framework frameworks, guide scale, course arranging, Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information System (GIS), form perusing, satellite symbolism, and PC based mapping. Offered as required

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